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Agia Roumeli - National Park Of Samaria

Without a road connection, visitors discovering Agia Roumeli tend to come again and again.

Agia Roumeli is built at the end of the Samaria National Park. A very beautiful village, on the edge of the Libyan Sea and at the roots of the White Mountains. It is located in one of the areas of Crete with the wildest nature, with rare flora, fauna, and geology.

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Hora Sfakion, or Sfakia, is a beautiful village nestled in-between azure seas and majestic mountains. The village is very traditional, and a great place to holiday off the beaten track. There are some great restaurants along the seafront, and a range of shops to serve your everyday needs.


Loutro is a beautiful seaside destination set in a small cove on the south coast of Crete.

The ancient settlement of whitewashed buildings sits at the foot of towering mountains which tumble into a semi-circular bay lapped by the pristine waters of the Libyan Sea.

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Sougia is a tiny village in the south-west of Crete, which enjoys a relaxed vibe all year round.

Although it sees its fair share of tourists, it manages to maintain its quiet charm, and many of its visitors come for the sole reason of getting away from the crowds.

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Gavdos is located 26 miles (50 km) south of Hora Sfakion. It rises between Africa and Crete, almost in the middle of the Libyan Sea, and is the southernmost tip of Europe, its last border with the south. It is a small island of 29 square kilometers. It has a permanent population of about 90 people, but that number rises to around 3,500 in the summer – mostly from visitors who come to enjoy the island’s unspoilt attractions.


Nestled along the azure waters of a small peninsula in Western Crete lies Palaiochora. This quaint Cretan town boasts pristine beaches, idyllic bays, and a lively nightlife.

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Agia Galini

Agia Galini is a picturesque coastal village on the southern shores of the valley of Amari.

Located about midway along the south coast of Crete, the labyrinthine village opens out onto a bustling harbor surrounded by the Sidhérotas, Kedros, and Psiloritis mountain.


Accessible via two impactful gorges, Plakias is a favourite among summer tourists. Its windy weather doesn’t seem to detract people from its beautiful sandy beaches and, for those looking for an ideal base, there’s plenty to explore in the surrounding area.

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