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Sougia is a tiny village in the south-west of Crete, which enjoys a relaxed vibe all year round.

Although it sees its fair share of tourists, it manages to maintain its quiet charm, and many of its visitors come for the sole reason of getting away from the crowds.

This little heaven has everything you need for a peaceful break – a long beach, brilliant local restaurants, and quaint accommodation.

Outdoor Activities for Nature Lovers

Sougia is ideal if you love being outdoors. While it’s perfectly possible to spend your entire holiday relaxing on its beautiful beach, you could also venture out on some pretty hikes around the area.

Within reachable distance by foot is the incredible gorge of Agia Irini – one of the most popular coastal walks. You can also walk to the beautiful town of Lissos, a special place that’s brilliant for a hiking day trip.

Or, for those that love coastal walks, hike to Tripiti, where you’ll experience the beauty of Crete’s jagged and mountainous coastline in its full glory.

Eating & Drinking

Sougia is a small place, so there aren’t huge amounts of restaurants and bars. However, it does have some great hangouts that are famed for their delicious local food.

Many of these eateries are popular with local people, and you’ll find many of their customers are repeat diners.


Sougia has a good selection of places to stay – from basic rooms to upmarket hotels. It also has its fair share of boutique, locally-run places you can stay, some of which are housed in pretty traditional buildings.

Staying in Sougia will set you back less than the average for the island of Crete, so it’s a great place to enjoy luxury at a smaller price tag.


If you are staying in Sougia for long, you’ll probably want to see some of the beautiful surrounding areas. Sougia itself is very small, so you’ll see everything there is to see there in a day.

Once you’ve seen its small harbor and shingle beach, you’ll probably wonder what else is out there. Sougia offers lots of day trips from its village center – from boat trips to visits to nearby towns and gorges.

You’ll likely want to take a tour of the area’s most ancient villages. It’s also worth going on a sailing trip, as there are many beautiful coves to explore and crystal turquoise waters to be enjoyed.

As it’s a village that sits at the foot of a mountainous region, Sougia is also a great base if you like adventure sports such as canyoning- as there are several exciting natural landscapes nearby.

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