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The Village

Chora Sfakion, or Sfakia, is a beautiful village nestled in-between azure seas and majestic mountains. The village is very traditional, and a great place to holiday off the beaten track. There are some great restaurants along the seafront, and a range of shops to serve your everyday needs.

Don’t expect nightclubs and designer shops. Chora Sfakion is traditional and perfect for travelers who are looking for something more than just sun, sand, drinking and shopping, although you can certainly do the first three if you choose.


Chora Sfakion has a proud and colorful history, and had its own trade fleet up to the 18th century.

The village held off the Turkish and Venetian invasion and was a famous center of resistance. Resistance was made easier by the surroundings of steep mountains and rugged coasts.

The people are still proud and determined to this day, but also friendly and warm. There used to be a lot more churches in Chora Sfakion, but many were bombed in the Battle of Crete during World War Two.

Around the Village

The village is laid back and quiet, and life trundles on at a leisurely pace. If you want a break from your busy everyday life, it’s the perfect destination. Spend an afternoon whiling away the hours watching the fishermen at the seafront pull in hauls of fish, or dine at one of the traditional restaurants nearby. If you are looking for something a little bit more exerting, then why not get a ferry tour? Go and explore beautiful beaches or visit neighboring villages.

Chora Sfakion is perfect for scuba divers, as the water is clear and is teaming with life. There are dives to suit beginners or more experienced divers, and many dive companies in the local area. Do your research if you are going diving to make sure you are going with people you can trust, and who can keep you safe.


During the summer, a ferry takes back tourists and hikers back from the Samaria Gorge. This marks the end of many hiking trails through this national park. If you want to explore the Samaria Gorge, then you can take a 13km walk through Samaria national park, or walk through the full 16km of the gorge, exiting at the Agia Roumeli village if you want a tougher challenge. See stunning natural wonders like the iron gates, a part of the gorge that is only 4 meters wide but 300 meters high.

The village of Samaria, abandoned in 1962, lies within the gorge. The village has an information desk and a cultural center, and some of the buildings are currently undergoing restoration.

The Samaria Gorge is a popular tourist attraction, so get there early and beat the crowds. Remember, you will also need to walk the 2 km to the ferry after you exit the gorge, so take that into account.

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Useful Information

Local Health Center:
(+30) 28250-91214

Port Station:
Tel: +30 28250-91292
Fax: +30 28250-91292

Controlled Parking:
Tel: +30 28250-91264, 30 6980873943