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Accessible via two impactful gorges, Plakias is a favourite among summer tourists. Its windy weather doesn’t seem to detract people from its beautiful sandy beaches and, for those looking for an ideal base, there’s plenty to explore in the surrounding area.

While Plakias gets pretty busy in the peak months, it’s a different story in the winter. A laid-back traditional village, it offers an authentic taste of Cretan life when the tourists subside.

Plakias began its life as a tiny fishing village in the 1960s. However, people have lived in the area since as early as the Minoan times. It is one of several mountainous villages in southern Crete and, among the things you can see in the local area, you’ll find fragments of walls and roads commissioned by the Byzantine Emperor Nikephoros II Phokas to link the villages more than one thousand years ago.

Outdoor Activities

Like much of Crete’s coastline, there’s an abundance of things to do outdoors. The south of the island is packed with dramatic landscapes, from tumbling cliffs to pretty hidden beaches, meaning it’s a paradise for those who like a little adventure during their holidays.

Surrounded by mountains to the north, Plakias is a brilliant base for hiking, climbing and adventure sports enthusiasts; you are within easy reach of some challenging climbs, and there are regular activities such as paragliding, abseiling and rafting to take part in nearby.

Watersports & Beaches

Plakias is also blessed with the Libyan Sea to its south. Beaches are mainly sandy, meaning there are always plenty of watersport favourites such as waterskiing, banana boating and kayaking on offer.

In the quieter months, there are seemingly endless shorelines to stroll along – but just watch out for the waves, as they can be pretty dramatic!

Plakias’ turbulent weather makes it a great spot for surfing – come along down to many of its beaches at all times of the year and you’ll likely find gatherings of surfers – why not give it a go at one of the surf schools?

Relaxation & Local Life

Plakias is also an ideal place to relax. Its endless beautiful white sands make it the perfect destination for a beach holiday and, because the village is traditional and small, it’s easy to wander around and find little cafés and family restaurants, at which to while away the afternoon hours. For those who like a little more action, come down to the Plakias promenade in the evenings.

The atmosphere in this little village certainly livens up in the later hours of the day, as people flock from the beaches into the many tavernas and bars that line the pavement. This fishing village also has some brilliant seafood restaurants that serve up a range of locally sourced delicacies, so it’s a favourite among foodies.

Surrounding Areas

Finally, you’ll want to explore the neighbouring villages if you come to Plakias.

These picture-perfect villages are the epitome of traditional Greek life, and you’ll feel miles away from the tourist hotspots when you’re taking in their ancient Cretan architecture.

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