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Agia Galini

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Agia Galini is a picturesque coastal village on the southern shores of the valley of Amari.

Located about midway along the south coast of Crete, the labyrinthine village opens out onto a bustling harbor surrounded by the Sidhérotas, Kedros, and Psiloritis mountain.

Agia Galini’s amphitheatrical layout offers an impressive view over the Messara bay and the Libyan Sea, giving visitors no doubt as to why it was one of Crete’s first tourist resorts.

Cobbled alleys and pebbled beaches enchant visitors while the plentiful bars, restaurants, and cafes offer a relaxing respite to take in the stunning surroundings.


History lovers will delight in discovering remains dedicated to the goddess Artemis and a Roman shipwreck of the 3rd AD century.

At the Archaeological Museum of Rethymnon city, enthusiasts can peruse a range of artefacts that have been excavated in the area, including statues, lamps and figurines.

For those who enjoy Greek mythology, you won’t want to miss the tall rock at the west end of the harbour, where it is said that Daedalus and Icarus started their flight to escape King Minos.


For those seeking adventure, discover the many marine caves hiding in the rocky shores where you can bask in the incredible light rays created by the sun and sea. Take a day trip on a boat to a nearby beach and visit the two islets of Paximadia.

Beautiful churches are just a few steps away in Agia Galini. The Byzantine church of Panagia is an incredible sight to behold, while Panagia at Hordaki and Agios Ioannis at Amari are equally interesting places of worship to visit.

Platys river is a tranquil spot to enjoy the views and good weather. One of the largest rivers in Crete, it is blessed with a lot of vegetation and water. Take a walk along the river bank and cross over one of the many stone bridges with arches, and look out for the ponds and waterfalls along the way. If you feel like it, you can even take a swim!


When you’re feeling hungry, there is an abundance of gorgeous restaurants and tavernas to choose from. For something a little less touristy, take a look down the narrow alleys of Agia Galini.

Here you will find some smaller, more traditional eateries that will be ready to welcome you with open arms and a delicious home-cooked meal. Dinner with a view is guaranteed at one of the many restaurants overlooking the harbour, where yachtsmen are known to frequent taste the fresh fish caught in Agia Galini.

After dinner, you can find a myriad of bars and clubs to spend the rest of your night in, where you can enjoy pop music, jazz or traditional Cretan songs.

With so much on offer, it’s no surprise that Agia Galini is such a popular destination for tourists. The natural beauty and the fantastic range of facilities combine to make this glorious destination perfect for any holidaymaker.

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Health Center:
(+30) 28320-91111

Port Station:
Tel: +30 28320-91206
Fax: +30 28320-91280