COVID-19 Notice

Covid-19 Information



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Boarding procedure

The boarding process will take place as follows:

• All passengers must carry and display in paper or electronic form the vaccination certificate or the hospitalization certificate, as exported in the form of digital or printed copy from the platform or the certificate of negative diagnosis of the laboratory test by PCR or the rapid antigen detection test.

• Vaccination certificates of the European Union as well as of third countries are also accepted.

In order to prevent any issue in its operation due to the new Covid-19 virus, ANENDYK has taken all the appropriate measures in time, with the aim of the safe movement of the inhabitants, their uninterrupted supply and ensuring the communication of our islands with mainland Greece.

ANENDYK, always having as a priority the safety and health of its passengers, associates and sailors, prepared and implemented on its ships a comprehensive Plan for the treatment of the new COVID-19 virus, based on the instructions of the National Organization of Public Health (EODY), World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS).

Thus, today, all ANENDYK crews have the correct information for the early recognition of the symptoms of COVID-19 and clear instructions to follow in case of any incidental case at sea, in order to reduce the infection and protect the crew and passengers.

ANENDYK, with a high sense of responsibility, actively participates in the collective effort to limit the spread of the new COVID-19 virus and implements on its ships all the appropriate protection and prevention measures.

More specifically:

• The already thorough cleaning on its ships is becoming more frequent and more intensive. In addition, all public areas and air conditioning units of its ships are regularly disinfected.

• Frequent and adequate ventilation of all areas.

• Frequently clean and disinfect all commonly used smooth surfaces (eg knobs, handles, handrails or railings, taps, etc.) with antiseptic solutions.

• Has given strict instructions to avoid collusion on its ships. Avoid unnecessary contact between crew members, crew-passengers and passengers with each other, during their stay in one of our lounges or when boarding and disembarking from the ship.

• Complies with the restrictive provisions for the gathering of the public, according to 07-04-2020 JMC (Government Gazette B’ 1209).

• Has asked its sailors to meticulously observe all Hygiene Rules, especially regarding proper hand washing.

• Has set up a Task Force on each ship of the Group, consisting of the Captain, the Existent and the Chief of Staff, in order to deal with any case of the new covid-19 virus at sea.

• Has implemented a Pre-Boarding Control System in order to identify passengers or crew with suspicious symptoms, and prohibit them from boarding the ship.

• If symptoms occur during the voyage, clear instructions have been given to officers and crew members regarding the management of the incident and the isolation of the person in a special area on board and the tracing of all his (close and occasional) contacts, who will be given specific instructions for monitoring their health for the next 14 days.

• Information and awareness of passengers and crew about the symptoms of the infection, prevention measures and hygiene rules, through information posters.

• Has equipped all its ships with the prescribed Personal Protective Equipment (masks and disposable gloves), cleaning and antiseptic solutions.

All of us at ANENDYK assure you that we will do whatever is necessary for your safety and ours and we ask for your understanding and cooperation.

Together we will defeat the COVID-19 virus and soon we will travel together again, without obstacles, to our beautiful areas!

For more information contact via TEL: +30-2821095511.